Ethan Chandra
Alison Chandra/Twitter

A mother’s tweets sharing her son’s hospital bill have gone viral as Senate Republicans are working to pass a new health care bill.

Alison Chandra‘s son suffers from heterotaxy syndrome – a rare genetic disorder that causes organs to form incorrectly or in the wrong place.

Chandra tweeted out a photo of a bill for her son Ethan’s recent open heart surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital Friday, saying without insurance her family would be paying more than $231,000.

With insurance, the family owed $500.

In follow up tweets, she explained that parts of her pre-natal care as well as her delivery and son’s first two surgeries were covered by Medicaid. She later switched to insurance through her husband’s employer.

Chandra wrote her son’s life is “infinitely precious,” and she criticized the Senate proposal that would allow states to ease standards for insurance requirements, such as inpatient hospital care and prescription drug coverage.

Despite the high uninsured cost, the bill Chandra posted is not the most expensive bill she’s received for Ethan.

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Her purpose of the various posts is to bring awareness to the health care debate and how society should try to find a common ground to keep costs down.

“If both sides of this debate realize that this bill is not good for either side of us, we need to come together and demand something that’s better for all of us,” she said. “Imagine the power we would have if we united our voices.”

You need to visit Chandra’s twitter page. This is some powerful stuff.

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