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Want a hot dog delivered by drone? Say hello to the WeinerDrone

The all new WienerFleet is here!


Oscar Mayer announced Monday that they’re adding two new vehicles to their WinerFleet.

The first is a WeinerCycle, a three-wheeled moped, which is decked out in the colors similar to the original Weinermobile. They cycle even features a sidecar shaped like the iconic Weinermobile that doubles as a hot dog warming station according to the company.

Who doesn’t want a hotdog shaped sidecar?

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The WeinerDrone also looks like original ride. The quadcopter can deliver one hot dog from a built in bay.

Oscar Mayer, in a release, said it is the first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft designed for remote location delivery.

Besides the two new vehicles and the original Weinermobile, Oscar Mayer also operates a WeinerMini and the WeinerRover.

(h/t The Laughing Squid)

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