Oscar Mayer announced Monday that they’re adding two new vehicles to their WinerFleet.

The first is a WeinerCycle, a three-wheeled moped, which is decked out in the colors similar to the original Weinermobile. They cycle even features a sidecar shaped like the iconic Weinermobile that doubles as a hot dog warming station according to the company.

Who doesn’t want a hotdog shaped sidecar?

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The WeinerDrone also looks like original ride. The quadcopter can deliver one hot dog from a built in bay.

Oscar Mayer, in a release, said it is the first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft designed for remote location delivery.

Besides the two new vehicles and the original Weinermobile, Oscar Mayer also operates a WeinerMini and the WeinerRover.

(h/t The Laughing Squid)

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