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The Senate’s Obamacare replacement bill would lead to 22 million more Americans uninsured in 2026, while average premiums are expected to fall after climbing at first, according to a Monday report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

The most devastating of CBO’s conclusions can be found on page eight. There, the Congressional Budget Office says that the BCRA would make decent insurance so expensive that “few low-income people would purchase any plan” at all.

Under this legislation, starting in 2020, the premium for a silver plan would typically be a relatively high percentage of income for low-income people. The deductible for a plan with an actuarial value of 58 percent would be a significantly higher percentage of income—also making such a plan unattractive, but for a different reason. As a result, despite being eligible for premium tax credits, few low-income people would purchase any plan, CBO and JCT estimate.


The Senate GOP health care bill would leave 22 million more uninsured over 10 years. The CBO estimates 49M people would be uninsured by 2026 under Senate health bill, compared with 28M in that year under Obamacare.

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A lot of interesting effects here, but the impact on pre-medicare seniors who make approximately median income seems especially intolerable.

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Republicans: BRCA doesn’t cut Medicaid.
CBO: 15M fewer Medicaid enrollees by 2026.


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