Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave the Internet all the feels Sunday after sharing photos from Toronto’s Pride celebration.

Trudeau sported a maple leaf Pride tattoo on his cheek, and a pair of Ramadan-themed socks as he made his way through the streets of Toronto shaking hands with the crowd.

The PM also joined a pride and faith service before the march. He posted: “At @mcctoronto’s Faith + Pride service this morning – thanks to Reverend Hawkes for an inspiring service & all the best in your retirement.”

Sunday also marked the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and Trudeau’s rainbow colored socks included a nod to the important day.

The socks are made by the Toronto-based Halal Socks. Trudeau had previously pointed to them at an event to mark the end of Ramadan. The message was also apt for Toronto Pride, where this year’s theme was inclusivity, with indigenous activists and other minorities playing a prominent part in the parade. According to the Toronto Star newspaper, Trudeau wished the crowd a happy “Pride Mubarak,” recognizing the dueling events taking place that weekend.

Check out photos of Trudeau having a fabulous time at pride.

Trudeau also tweeted out photos from the parade with the caption “Love is love”:

Now that is what a world leader looks like.

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