Teen Falls out of Six Flags Ride

A day at the amusement park became anything but fun for a girl who’s seen in video dangling from a ride as shocked bystanders wait anxiously to catch her from below.

The unidentified 14-year-old was at a Six Flags outside Albany on Saturday night when the sheriff’s office said in a statement that the girl was riding the Sky Ride when the operator got word someone was in distress.

(For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com)Girl falling from ride at 6 Flags Great Escape and they have NO means to rescue them. Thanks to the guys who banded together to catch her and the guy who climbed the tree to move the branches out of the way.

Posted by Loren Lent on Saturday, June 24, 2017

The girl fell approximately 25 feet from the “Sky Ride” gondola attraction into a crowd of people gathered to catch her, according to multiple eyewitness reports. She struck a tree branch on her way down, according to police.

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The teen was taken to Albany Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries, according to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses first spotted the girl hanging from the chair by her arms and head. The ride operator apparently stopped the attraction while bystanders gathered below to catch the girl if she fell to the ground.

Six Flags issued a statement on Saturday:

“Saturday evening a guest fell from a chair on the sky ride. She was caught by a group of guests and security personnel. She was transported to an area hospital and we are in the process of gathering more information. The safety and security of our guests is our top priority, there does not appear to be any malfunction of the ride, but we have closed the attraction until a thorough review of the ride can be completed. We are continuing our investigation and our thoughts and prayers are with the guest and her family.”

On Sunday, Six Flags said the attraction will remain closed “out of an abundance of caution” while a “thorough internal review” is conducted.

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