Pizza Ice Cream

Ask any millennial what their favorite thing in the world is and I can guarantee their answer: pizza.

Well, now some crazy genius has merged our love for pizza and our love for another favorite — ice cream.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream has taken our slice obsession to new heights. The Philadelphia-based ice creamery makes its version using tomato, oregano, basil, salt and garlic, and you could have it in a cone, but why have it in a cone when you could eat it on top of an actual slice of pizza? Yes, this place offer a scoop with an actual side of slice. Now that’s doing pizza ice cream the right way.

Little Baby’s is also no stranger to a weird flave – check out ‘Everything Bagel’ and ‘Oyster – but unfortunately you’ll have to make your way across the pond to try them. But don’t worry, us Brits are quick to catch a trend, so no doubt you’ll be seeing pizza ice cream everywhere very soon.

(h/t Refinery 29)