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Melania Trump tells Colbert how thrilled she is to move to the White House

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Five short months into her husband’s term, “Melania Trump” (Tony-winning Broadway star Laura Benanti) beamed in via satellite to talk to Stephen Colbert about her big move to the White House.

“So, how are you adjusting to life in the White House?” Colbert asked “Melania” at the top of Tuesday night’s Late Show.

Her answer: “Oh, I couldn’t be happier. See? These are my happy eyes,” Benanti, doing her best modelesque pose, responded dutifully.

The First Lady explained to Stephen Colbert that she didn’t move down from New York right after the inauguration because their son Barron had to finish school and then she had to wait for the Comcast guy to turn off the cable.

Colbert then asked if she was all moved in. She said she was and showed off some of the things she brought with her, like a toothbrush and a framed picture that showed her apparently swatting away her husband’s hand during their trip to Tel Aviv in May.

Benanti said the image, which had instantly gone viral online, was of “the most cherished moment of marriage to my husband.”

When Colbert asked her if that was, in fact, a picture of her slapping away her husband’s hand, she corrected him: “His hands are so small I thought it was a mosquito.”

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In the end, Benanti’s First Lady delivered some words of encouragement to unhappy Americans—not that she would know anything about being disappointed with Trump.

The bottom line? As “Melania” sees it, “America took a vow, and Donald Trump is our president. For better or worse, for richer or even richer. In sickness and in no health care. And we must honor that. No matter how often America fantasizes about being with Justin Trudeau. We stay. We make the best of it. And you’ll find in your greatest moments of doubt, you can always drink. Make America grape again.”

Watch the full clip below.

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