Trump Crashes Wedding

It might be time for President Trump to add “wedding crasher” to his expanding curriculum vitae.

The Republican briefly showed up at a wedding reception at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course Saturday (June 9, 2017), posing for photos with guests, shaking hands and, according to one tweet, dancing with the bride.

According to CNN, Trump had just held a news conference with Japan’s prime minister and couldn’t resist dropping in on the nuptials of Kristen Piatkowski and Tucker Gladhill.

Trump received a mostly positive response from the guests, with some yelling out, “Looking good, Donald.” The crowd then chanted “USA, USA,” as he left the room.

A New York Times journalist reported earlier this month she was given a marketing brochure during a tour of the golf club that pledged: “If [Trump] is on-site for your big day, he will likely stop in & congratulate the happy couple. He may take some photos with you but we ask you and your guests to be respectful of his time & privacy.”