Peyton Manning Golfing

Amidst the ongoing political crisis’s that are plaguing the country and the world, along with Donald Trump’s own presidency, this weekend Trump thought it might be a good time to play some golf.

Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker joined Trump for a round of golf at the Trump National Golf Club, where Trump was for a 4 1/2-hour outing Sunday morning (June 04, 2017).

Peyton and brother Eli Manning appeared with Trump in a 2009 commercial for Double Stuff Oreos.

This is Trump’s 23rd golf trip since taking over the White House. Obama reportedly averaged 41 golf club visits per year as president.

This is what Twitter had to say about the outing:

In case you were wondering what Trump has been up to since the London attacks, The Washington Post broke it down for us.

  • On Saturday night, Trump tweeted three times about it: Retweeting a Drudge Report headline speculating about terrorism, declaring that his ban on immigration should be approved and, third, expressing his condolences to the British. That third tweet came one minute before British authorities identified the attack as terrorism.
  • On Sunday, starting at 7:19 a.m., Trump tweeted three more times: Arguing that political correctness was inhibiting the fight against terror, misrepresenting a statement from the mayor of London and suggesting that, since no guns were used in London, gun control arguments were hollow.
  • Later in the day Sunday, he spent four hours playing golf and dining with Sen. Bob Corker and former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning at his club in Virginia. It was the second day in a row he’d golfed and, by our count, the 22nd time he’s played golf since he was elected president. He was back in the White House by 2:30 p.m.

Working hard there, Donald.