Michael Moore

Michael Moore has one mission and that is to take Donald Trump down and end his presidency.

He is looking to do just that with his forthcoming documentary Fahrenheit 11/9.

Producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein announced Tuesday that they have secured worldwide rights to the film, which Moore had dubbed Fahrenheit 11/9. The name is taken from the day after the Nov. 8 election when Trump was declared the president-elect and is a reference to Moore’s 2004 President George W. Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

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Moore has been secretly working on the film for months and promises it will be explosive.

“The filming has been done under a strict cloak of secrecy and is expected to be key in dissolving Trump’s ‘teflon’ shield and, in turn, his presidency,” a press release reads. Via statement, Moore continues: “No matter what you throw at him, it hasn’t worked. No matter what is revealed, he remains standing. Facts, reality, brains cannot defeat him. Even when he commits a self-inflicted wound, he gets up the next morning and keeps going and tweeting.”

“That all ends with this movie.”

That does sound ominous.

Fahrenheit 11/9 will reportedly contain “the mix of outrage and mischievous humor that has made Moore the most successful documentary filmmaker in the world,” and sees the filmmaker reuniting with the team who helped craft his Academy Award-nominated documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, including Meghan O’Hara, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal.

A release date for Fahrenheit 11/9 has yet to be announced.

Do we have faith in Michael Moore do to what he says?