Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway made a triumphant return to the airwaves on Tuesday (May 9, 2017) to discuss the circumstances around President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey.

When Anderson Cooper showed her several clips of then-candidate Trump praising Comey, Conway responded with, “You’re conflating two things that don’t belong together.”

She went on to discuss Trump’s strategy in Michigan — which he won — at which point Cooper rolled his eyes dramatically.

Conway responded to the eye roll on Thursday during an appearance on Fox & Friends:

“Hillary Clinton is in search of sexism as a lame excuse for why her disastrous candidacy and campaign lost six months ago,” [But] I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that. Could you imagine … having a male anchor on the network roll eyes at Hillary Clinton [or at] a female spokesperson for President Obama or President Bill Clinton? I think not.”

Please… Also, isn’t it interesting that she bashes another woman while making her case for sexism?

Pro tip: Stop saying ridiculous and irrelevant things and people will stop rolling their eyes at you.

Watch the clip from Fox & Friends below.