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Stephen Colbert Rips Trump a New One Over His Defense of Bill O’Reilly

stephen colbert rips bill o'reilly

Stephen Colbert has made it a point not to talk about Bill O’Reilly on The Late Show, but last night he found it unavoidable.

“There is one thing I haven’t done on this show, and that’s talk about Bill O’Reilly,” Colbert told his Late Show studio audience. “Bill comes on the show, we have a good time here, we have nice conversations. I talked about him for, like, 10 years. And I think that’s enough.”

“But I do talk about Donald Trump. And, today, the two worlds collided when Donald Trump stuck his, let’s say ‘finger.’ into O’Reilly’s stick situation.”

On Saturday, NYT reported O’Reilly and Fox News spent more than $13M to settle sexual harassment and verbal abuse complaints against O’Reilly. O’Reilly has said the allegations are without merit.

“O’Reilly is in a pickle. But, today, Donald Trump got his back,” Colbert noted. Trump told the New York Times, O’Reilly is “a good person,” adding, “I think he shouldn’t have settled” because “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”

“Mr. President, I want to remind you that you just declared April Sexual Assault Awareness Month and there are two accusations of sexual assault I’m aware of: Bill O’Reilly’s and yours,” Colbert said, addressing the camera. “So, maybe you are not the perfect person to weigh in on this one.”

Watch the segment below.

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