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Guilty Dog Cannot Hide His Shame

Guilty Dog

Someone needs to work on their poker face.

Daniel Martino found the insole to one of his shoes destroyed, so, he asked his dogs which of them was responsible.

Immediately, the little pit bull lowered his head and showed that he was to blame. He even tried to hide behind his pup friend and a pot.

Poor little guy.

Daniel Martino encontró la plantilla de una de sus zapatillas destruida, por lo que, buscó a sus mascotas y mirándolas fijo les preguntó quién fue el responsable.Inmediatamente, el pequeño pitbull bajó la cabeza y demostró que era el culpable al querer esconderse detrás de una maceta.

Posted by Historias y Vídeos Increíbles on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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