Victoria Beckham Carpool Karaoke

In a twist on Carpool Karaoke, James Corden enlisted Victoria Beckham to participate in a Mannequin tribute.

On last night’s (March 30, 2017) The Late Late Show with James Corden revealed Victoria wasn’t actually doing Carpool Karaoke – the scenes were part of a hilarious Mannequin skit instead.

That said, The 42-year-old fashion designer let loose and belted out the 1997 classic “Spice Up Your Life” on The Late Late Show last night as she dusted off her Spice Girls moves with Corden.


James told viewers that both he and Victoria were massive fans of the 1987 Andrew McCarthyKim Cattrall film Mannequin, and had decided to film their own take on the story for his show.

In the skit, Victoria plays a mannequin who comes to life and falls in love with James, but he is the only person who can see her as anything other than a dummy.

James is seen laughing and dancing with Victoria in the Late Late Show dressing room, while workers on the show look on in bemusement as all they can see is him having fun with a mannequin.

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