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1 Year After Being Rescued, This Dog Hugs His Owner Every Day

Kylo rescue dog

All it takes is the perfect family for a rescue dog to blossom.

One year after being adopted by Meghan Sweers and her husband, Kevin, the mixed-breed pooch still shows his happiness for his owners by hugging his mom when she comes home every single day.

Everyone say hi to Kylo, the rescue dog who is so thankful for this owner saving him, he wants to snuggle and gives hugs all day, the second his human mom comes in the house, it’s snuggle time. ” As soon as I sit down to take my shoes he climbs into my lap to be held, if I don’t sit down for our cuddle time he follows me around the house with the saddest face until I do what he wants”. The first night Kylo spend in his new home it was close to perfect!

Kylo’s life wasn’t always this cute and good, at an early age of 10 months Kylo was submitted to a shelter, and even after being pulled away from it he spent a lot of time at a foster home with owners that didn’t really interact with him, but when Sweers and her partner showed up, everything changed for him.

Kylo is so grateful for his loving that he feels and wants to hug and snuggle with everyone he meets now, ” He wins people over a bit forcibly…by climbing into their lap and falling asleep ”


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