Duckling Selfie

Six ducklings are alive and well today thanks to the quick thinking of two engineers.

While working on the train tracks, the engineers were packing up the gear in anticipation of an oncoming train and they noticed a group of ducklings who seemed to be trapped between the tracks.

“They were flipping and flipping all over the show trying to get out of the tracks,” Fox said.

Two Men Rescue Ducklings From Oncoming Train

The men leapt into action. But, they needed to move fast.

They had received word from the Kiwirail controller that a train was only 10 minutes away. “We weren’t hanging around too much.”

Of course, there was time for a quick selfie.

The engineers lifted the ducks over the rail, and they scampered off into a nearby field where their squawking mother was waiting.

Two Men Rescue Ducklings From Oncoming Train

It’s definitely the lighter side of a tough job, Fox said.

As for the ducklings: “You couldn’t imagine anything softer.”