Toddler Twin Escape Artists

How crafty are these twin toddlers?

2-year-old twin brothers Andrew and Ryan Balkin had a few ideas of their own after their mom and dad tucked them into bed.

Thanks to a nanny cam, Jonathan Balkin and his wife Susana were first tipped off that something might be amiss with their kids’ sleeping schedules when they began hearing “strange noises” coming from the bedroom shared by their 2-year-old twins, Andrew and Ryan. “We heard a whole bunch of giggling, so we started spying on them,” Balkin told Today.

The parents set up a Nest home monitoring system to figure out what trouble the kids were getting up to. What the Balkins wound up seeing was a hilarious soon-to-be viral video of their twins demonstrating some impressive escape artist skills.

The time-lapse nighttime footage was first posted by Balkin and later shared by FOX 46 Charlotte, amassing over 60 million views on Facebook.

Watch the kids at play!

Toddler Party

HILARIOUS! 2-year-old twins Andrew and Ryan apparently don't know the meaning of 'bedtime'. The youngsters were caught on camera escaping from their cribs! 😂😂Video courtesy: Proud parents Susana and Jonathan

Posted by FOX 46 Charlotte on Friday, March 17, 2017