Jamie Dornan

We always knew that we loved Jamie Doran!

The actor has joined such other stars as Colin Farrell, as well as The X Factor‘s Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and singer Sinitta, who have called on the Irish government to put a stop to “this trade in canine misery”.

In a strongly worded statement, supporting calls to end puppy farming, it’s reported that “tens of thousands” of puppies are bred in “cruel and inhumane conditions, on industrial-scale puppy farms” before being sold to buyers, mostly from the UK.

“Typically, puppy farm dogs are bred like battery farm animals,” it reads.

Belfast-born Eurovision star Linda Martin told the Irish Mail on Sunday that Ireland was known throughout the world as “the puppy farm capital of Europe”.

She hoped the celebrity pressure would convince the Irish Government to do something about what she called a “shameful” industry.

“It’s appalling that we have to shame them into doing something,” the singer said.

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