Instagram 7: Lola The Terrible and More Adorable Animal Pics and Videos

Lola the Terrible

The internet never fails to bring us some cute on a daily basis, and we thought that we’d highlight some of the cuteness on the web.

While our photo and video picks tend to be dog heavy, we’ll definitely make room for the cat, sloth and other wildlife.

Check out today’s pics featuring Lola The Terrible and more!

Make sure all of your ducks are in a row.

Aww so cute 😘😍😍 Follow @animalscubs (me) for more. Photo by @ unknown Tag: #animalscubs

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Let us give you a hug!

Cheer up Pup! 😍 Follow (me) @puppiespix

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Photography by Norbert Tag your friends 📌 Follow us #puppy_scene

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Will this pose work for my pinup calendar?

how's my bum? ❤ follow @rissolepug

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Click next to see the rest of today’s cute and adorable animal photos and videos.

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