Noah's Ark Fawns

These adorable fawns have been filmed guzzling milk like there’s no tomorrow.

They crowded around their caretaker and competed for one of the many bottles. By the time they were all finished, it was time to frolic and play again!

The video was originally posted on Nora’s Ark, Inc.’s Facebook page with the caption: “Some serious drinking going on at Nora’s Ark!”

Founded in 2011, Nora’s Ark responds to the rehabilitation needs of those animals that are sick, injured, or orphaned and release healthy wildlife back into their natural habitat.

According to the organization’s Facebook page: “Our goal is to nurture, rehabilitate, retire or rehome those animals so that they may experience dignity and respect and have a safe harbor and sustainable quality of life.”

Watch the feeding frenzy below!

Fawns Crowd Around for Milk

These little fawns are ready for dinner time at this wildlife sanctuary!

Posted by Crazimals on Sunday, February 12, 2017