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This Giant Chicken Is Freaking Out the Internet

What the cluck?

Giant Chicken

The latest video to set the Internet clucking – a giant chicken of the Brahma breed.

The massive chicken with impressive white plumage and black tail feathers steps out of a chicken coop and struts around a yard authoritatively in a Facebook video that has gone viral.

Footage of this mammoth bird is going viral, freaking out just about everybody after it was posted on Reddit.

“Is that not a man in a suit?” Redditor DannyAndHisDinosaur said.

The Livestock Conservancy states that this type of foul weighs in around 12 pounds but can get up to 18 pounds on a plump day.

We can only imagine how terrifying it would be chased by this beast, and are pretty sure it will feature in our line-up of nightmares tonight.

Click the next link below to read some of the internet’s reactions.

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