Puppy with baby goat

While bringing a new puppy home is always an exciting moment, it can also be slightly nerve-racking to see if he or she will get along with your other animals.

Such was the case when Lola, an adorable Chihuahua pup, arrived at her new home—Sunflower Farms, where plenty of animals already lived.

Rhubarb’s selfie with Lola. I know, my puppy …

Rhubarb’s selfie with Lola. I know, my puppy fever will subside soon! 😉

At first, she was timid and didn’t get along with the other dogs. But when she found the goat kids, she really warmed up to her new family.

Look no further than the video above to see the utterly adorable bond between Lola and her new friends Princess Leia and Lady Bug, who are both around two weeks old.

Lola plays with them so often that she pretty much thinks she’s a little goat, too! “We figure she was likely missing all her puppy friends, and goats act a lot like puppies,” wrote Sunflower Farms.

Watch the cuteness unfold below: