Wonder Woman

While we still have to wait until June for the Wonder Woman movie, we finally have been blessed with the first full trailer for the much-anticipated film.

The film’s fierce star, Gal Gadot, unveiled a thrilling new trailer on Twitter last night, and the reaction was pure rapture.

The trailer is an origin story of sorts, showing how Diana of the Amazons grew from a young girl on an island of women to a trainee in the skills needed to be a fierce warrior with a “sacred duty to defend the world.” Throw in a secret she doesn’t know about that’s tied to gifts she alone possesses and you’ve got quite the compelling backstory.

The teaser trailer shows Diana in battle with another Themyscira warrior, General Antiope (Robin Wright), who yells, “Never let your guard down! You expect the battle to be fair!”

In addition to the trailer, Gadot tweeted a new poster for the film showing Wonder Woman with her sword and shield in hand.

Wonder Woman movie poster

Directed by Patty Jenkins, the film also stars Chris Pine as a fighter pilot and potential love interest. David Thewlis, Danny Huston, Connie Nielsen, and Lucy Davis will also appear in the movie.

Wonder Woman will be released on June 2.