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Police Heroes Save Puppy From Near Heroin Overdose

Lucky definitely the perfect name for this pup.

Dog Heroin Overdose

A puppy in Texas is recovering after he got into his owner’s heroin. But veterinarians said this isn’t that uncommon.

The affectionate Chihuahua mix has earned the nickname Lucky.

Police in Carrollton, Texas, found the pup and a stash of heroin inside a truck at a Home Depot store on Saturday after arresting the dog’s owners for switching price tags on merchandise.

Puppy survives heroin overdose
Credit: Stacie Fowler

“He was extraordinarily lethargic, almost comatose,” said Dr. Stacie Fowler of North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic. “He was really on the verge of not breathing.”

Fowler said the symptoms were typical for a dog that had ingested opiates.

“Every shift, we see a lot of marijuana toxicity, amphetamine toxicity, legal prescribed drugs that they’ve gotten into accidentally, like ADHD meds,” Fowler said. “If he had not received treatment, he would have stopped breathing.”

Puppy survives heroin overdose
Credit: Stacie Fowler

His caretakers at Carrollton Animal Services say the dog has bounced back rather well.

“After about 24 hours, Lucky had returned to normal.”

Then it was time to find Lucky a loving forever home, so they organized a lottery.

Among the participants was a little girl with her grandparents, and she and Lucky bonded immediately. Seeing this, the man who actually won the lottery drawing gave the lucky ticket to the girl.

Puppy survives heroin overdose
Credit: Jae S. Lee

The original dog’s owners have been charged with fraud and drug possession. Police have not yet charged them with any form of animal abuse, but have not ruled that out.

Via: The Dodo

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