Passengers Outtakes

The Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt space travel film Passengers didn’t do great at the box office and was a disappointment with critics, but it is unlikely fans will be let down by the highly watchable blooper reel.

The outtakes, posted by Buzzfeed Entertainment, feature Lawrence and Pratt along with their co-stars Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne, cracking each other up with intergalactic screw-ups, spilled drinks, robot bartender mishaps, prop malfunctions, attempted Thor audition tapes, and more.

Perhaps the most interesting things to come of this blooper reel is the realization that merely uttering the word “Uranus” will immediately make everyone on set giggle like a fourth grader.

Enjoy all the hilarity below:

"Passengers" Blooper Reel with Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt

🚀 😂 Everything is terrible, except for Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt in the Passengers blooper reel. 🚀 😂

Posted by BuzzFeed Entertainment on Tuesday, March 7, 2017