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Hugh Jackman Doing Voice Over Work for ‘Logan’ Is Super Intense

Talk about dedication to your craft.

Hugh Jackman Logan

Hugh Jackman has posted a video to social media of himself re-recording dialogue for Logan, and boy is he giving it all he’s got.

I say dialogue, in the clip he’s specifically dubbing Wolverine’s grunts, shouts and cries as he punches and stabs henchman while sprinting through a forest.

Jackman turns a color I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist on the conventional spectrum at one point, clenching both fists and yelling at the heavens.

While he looks quite scary in the moment, Jackman breaks into a grin at the end of the take and laughs it off as if it’s just another day in the office.

Take a look at the video below.

We are going to miss Hugh as Wolverine/Logan.

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